Suggested items:
• Client/business name
• DBA (if applicable)
• Mailing address
• Phone number(s)
• Email address
• …etc.

The response should include all abbreviations such as Inc., LLC., etc. Explain such things as your motivation for starting the company, your vision, your mission statement and any other background information, may be include it in this section of the web design questionnaire.
This should include all applicable demographics, such as age, location, gender, education, occupations, etc.
This can be really helpful in the site design, so do your best to pick some sites of your competitors and describe what you like about them. You can also pick sites that aren’t your competition to explain how you like certain aspects about them.
Website text copy, graphics, images, logo, fonts, etc.
Branding includes materials that the website will need to match, including colors, fonts, business cards, newsletters, flyers, logos, signs, etc. If you have no branding, what types of colors and fonts are you looking to having you site.
A URL or domain name is your sites address for the web, such as: Where mysite would be your domain name.
Hosting is where you web site files are stored that power your website. Hosting plans come in all different shapes and sizes. If you need hosting, I’ll be able to set that up and give you suggestions on what would work best for your site.
Keywords are what your users put into search engines such as Google. Having these basic keywords will let us set some basic search engine tags to help users find your web site.
Defining a budget will help us know what we can achieve and can’t achieve from the needs you have from the questions above. Then we can give suggestions on the best approach to achieve your goals within your budget.
A sites software needs updating regularly, it’s like changing the oil in your car. You need to protect your investment.

We can give you quote on a maintenance plan specifically for your site, you can have us update things as needed or you can have someone else handle updates.